Alireza Shahmohammadi is recognized as one of today's finest singers in Iran and a master of Persian classical repertoires. He grew up in a musical family and has devoted his life to traditional Persian music and literature. He has extensive credits performing with such legendary artists as Masters Ali Asghar Bahari , Mohammadreza Lotfi, among others. He began his musical studies under the direction of his father and continued his studies with master Hatam Asgari. In addition to studying vocal Radif of Persian Classical music, Shahmohammadi continued studying the Old Songs (tasnifs) with late Grand Master Ali Asghar Bahari. Grand Master Bahari passed on to Shahmohammadi his own interpretation of the Radif. He studied the singing technique of Persian masters such as the Taherzadeh, Banan, and Adeib Khansari with Master Lotfi. Shahmohammadi was deeply inspired by the master vocalist Seyed Hossein Taherzadeh and researched his style of singing for several years. He has been playing the Setar in order to better understand, compose and perform traditional Persian repertoire.
Shahmohammadi has been an active singer for over twenty years, working at the National Iranian Radio and Television, teaching, researching, composing and performing numerous concerts. 
Shahmohammadi migrated to America in 2010. He has performed extensively throughout the United States, Europe and Asia and has appeared on many radio and television programs around the World.

Currently he lives in Los Angeles where he teaches Persian Classical vocal Radif.

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