Majnun, that childlike wonder that embraces the inner workings of the world and cares little for societal taboos, has shaped the artistic synthesis of Persian multi­instrumentalists Houman Pourmehdi and Pirayeh Pourafar, and Bosnian concert accordionist Merima Ključo. These remarkable performances are both beautifully matched in purpose and flexible enough to integrate unique contributions by the legendary voices of Theodore Bikel, Alireza Shahmohammadi, Anthony May and gheychak master Mani Bolouri. Grounded in their respective traditions, and joined by the belief in an infinite shared by people of all cultures, the music that pours forth from the musicians of Majnun is as unconventional, unpredictable, and enchanted as its namesake.


Theodore Bikel - Vocals 

Anthony May - Voice Over 

Alireza Shahmohammadi - Vocals

Mani Bolouri - Gheychak

Pirayeh Pourafar - Tar, Buzuq

Merima Ključo - Concert Accordion 

Houman Pourmehdi - Tonbak, Daf, Frame Drum, Cajon, Percussion and Tanbour

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